Become a Volunteer and Save a Life

  • Take a dog on a walk by the nearby creek
  • Take a dog on a run!
  • Play in our play yard
  • Teach them some new tricks
  • Spend time with them

Volunteering in a Animal Shelter can be so rewarding to both human and animal. Here at Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter we have different programs you can volunteer for. Our number one volunteer request is for basic, cleaning, walking dogs and giving dogs enrichment. Here at HTCAS, we have a few other programs we need volunteers for. We have, daily Play Yard Sessions, were all dogs play together. This program requires volunteers to be comfortable with handling multiple dogs at once, age 16 and above, and be able to handle multiple dogs with 1 other person. Daily Dog Walk Session, this program allows volunteers to take the dogs out of the shelter for a long walk. This program requires Volunteers to be comfortable with handling dogs on a leash.

Questions? Contact us here.

We are so excited you’re joining our Hartsville Animal Shelter Volunteer Family!