Animal Cruelty Complaints

Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter is committed to the prevention of animal cruelty and the enforcement of anti-cruelty laws. Animal cruelty is defined as behaviors that cause unnecessary pain, suffering, distress, and/or the death of animal. These acts may be obvious aggressive acts against an animal intended to cause pain or suffering or they may result from a failure to provide basic care necessary to preserve an animal's well-being. Tennessee State law makes the following illegal under its animal cruelty and related laws.

  • Animal fighting
  • Injuring, maiming, or killing any animal
  • Depriving an animal of necessary food or drink and adequate shelter


Hartsville/Trousdale County Animal Shelter is not Animal Control, however, we try to work closely with local authorities to enforce local and state statutes pertaining to animals. Trousdale County Sheriff's Department holds the responsibility for responding to requests for help with dangerous animals, animals in distress/injured animals, and many other issues involving animals. Hartsville/Trousdale County Animal Shelter can provide resources and education to the public in relation to their pets, and how to help keep their dogs out of the shelter. The Sheriff's Department is the key player in the documentation, investigation, and prosecution of animal cruelty cases in Trousdale County.


2021 Tennessee Code
Title 39 - Criminal Offenses
Chapter 14 - Offenses Against Property
Part 2 - Animals
§ 39-14-212. Aggravated Cruelty to Animals — Definitions — Construction — Penalty