Our Pets Are Our Families

Surrendering a pet is one of the hardest decisions we might have to make. Not only for our individual reasons but for the dog's best interest. It can be tough to place your dog in the best home. Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter can help provide resources to help keep your pet at home or, as a closed intake facility, which allows us to schedule in-takes as our census and program allows.  Having the best resources will place your pet in the best home. ​The best place to start will be your friends and family. 

Before you Re-home: Check for resources

 Life happens and sometimes we need help from others. You're not alone. Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter has resources available to help keep your family all together, where they belong! By completing our Volunteer Intake Form, our Volunteer team will help you relocate your pet. This will ensure the best place for your pet. This will also help keep our in-shelter numbers down.


The most common reason people might surrender their dog is, moving. Moving to a place where pets aren't allowed or have rules your pet doesn't meet. Many people surrender because they don't know how to go about finding dog-friendly housing, how to travel with their pets, or how to adjust to their new home.

New Baby?

Bringing a new baby home is a big, life-changing event for everyone, especially your pet. There are millions of families every day who are learning how to integrate a new baby into their family. For great tips on successfully integrating a new baby with your pet, click here!

Behavior Problems?

Many people consider re-homing their pets due to unwanted behavioral problems. Many of these unwanted behaviors can be corrected, allowing your pet to remain in your family. Don't we owe it to them to consider all options or training solutions? click here  for help



In Shelter Pet Surrender:

In our shelter, we have limited space. 4 kennel suites, 1 indoor/outdoor large breed room, and 1 whelping/puppy room, this room doesn't have outside access. 2 quarantine bricked 4x9 kennels, these rooms are usually reserved for the sheriff's department. We are always trying to keep the pet in their home, either a foster or your home until we can find a new home. However, to get your dog surrendered to our shelter Click here for the Surrender Application.



When rehoming is necessary

Should rehoming be necessary, Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter has a few recommendations for rehoming your pet. 

Direct Adoption

Direct adoption will be the least stressful option for your pet. This is when you find someone that is a family member your pet already knows and loves, or a trusted friend. 

Surrendering your Dog

As a managed intake shelter, HTC Animal Shelter requires all applicants who request their dog to be considered for our program must go through our application process. HTC animal shelter managers intake to ensure dogs are in our care and are given time to find their perfect match. 

If you would like to be considered into our program, please contact our Intake Coordinator, to discuss options and scheduling. Click here for our application

Never Abandon Your Pet

Abandoning your pet puts their life at risk and is illegal. Tennessee Code 39-14-202 states that animal abandonment is illegal in the state of TN and punishable by law