Lost & Found Pets


Have you LOST your pet?

Time is of the essence in reporting a lost pet. Many people take a found pet inside their home or yard and don't notify a shelter. Don't give up - it sometimes takes weeks to be reunited.

  • Check with your neighbors.
  • Use this template to create a flyer to share on social media.
  • Find recent photos of your pet. Be sure to include their face and a side view.
  • Complete our online Lost Pet form.
  • Notify your pet's microchip company to flag your pet as lost. Update your contact info if it has changed. Look at AKCreunite.com or Petstablished.
  • Post your pet on your neighborhood Facebook pages, including the surrounding areas. Be sure to include cross street or a location of the last known location.
  • Register and upload a photo of your lost pet to Petco Love Lost
  • Create a listing on PawBoost.
  • Post signs in your neighborhood.
  • Place bedding or an object with the scent of you or your pet on your porch.
  • Follow HTC Animal Shelter on Facebook and Instagram for our 'Stray That Day'

Groups to Post On


Lost your cat?

If you have lost your cat, please follow these tips.

Don't forget to check your nearby storm drains and nearby trees.

Borrow a Trap

Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter rents humane traps for $50.

This fee is refunded when the trap is returned.

Contact us to get a trap


Have you FOUND a pet?

👉 Important: If the dog is aggressive, or you are physically unable to care for the dog or if the dog appears to need emergency vet care, please call (615) 680-4022.

👉 Tip: When posting on social media or other online platforms, DO NOT mention all details about the animal.

The goal is to locate the owner, not to find it a new home. If you are contacted by another person claiming to be the owner, be sure to ask for proof of ownership, vet records, even photos before returning the pet. If you aren't sure about what to do, please contact Htc Animal Shelter for help.

👉 Tip: Remember that even though this dog seems friendly, you do not know anything about it. Quarantine from your pets and children, not because the animal is bad, but you want to keep your vetted pets from contracting anything, and this animal may not be friendly towards other animals.

What you should do if you have found a pet:

  • Secure the dog, assess injuries and provide water
  • Bring the animal to the vet or our shelter to see if they have a microchip.
  • Check for a rabies tag, name tag, or another identification tag such as byte tag.
  • Take a photo of the animal. Be sure to be in good light, get a front face and side photo.
  • Please complete this Found Pet online form and include a photo.
  • Register and upload a photo of your lost pet to Petco Love Lost
  • Create a listing on PawBoost.
  • Register and upload a photo of the pet to Nextdoor
  • After filling out our Found pet form, also post a photo to found pet on local lost and found social media pages.
  • If owner is not found, you may bring the stray dog to the shelter. Call for an appointment (615) 680-4022​.

👉 Important Notes on Stray Animals:

Pets found outside Trousdale County are not accepted.

You must provide residency in Trousdale County. Once you pick up an animal it is YOUR responsibility to arrange accommodations for the animal.

The shelter is a closed intake facility, and we reserve the right to decline intake.

We are not animal control.

In the State of Tennessee, we do have a leash law. That is for the state not just for the city limits or county.

Some animals are likely out for a walk and NOT a STRAY.  Many pets don't always get back home due to the finder assuming the animal was abandoned or dumped, when in fact many times the pet accidentally had gotten out. Their family may be looking for their pet but doesn't know where to look. It doesn't take long for a pet to look neglected and may appear frightened or skittish, given the impression that they were abused or abandoned.

Remember: You may find their family, if you follow these steps. We may be able to reunite pets with families without a trip to the shelter. We only take found pets (strays) Monday and Friday by appointment ONLY.