We'll provide the veterinary care. You Supply the Love!

Become a Foster and Save a Life

Becoming a Foster family is essential for Hartsville Animal Shelter. Foster families provide needed care, and stability and will open up our very small shelter to other pets, desperately need. Foster animals can be with a foster family anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and are a valuable resource used to place shelter animals in homes that fit their needs. If you are interested in opening your home and providing socialization and love to a shelter animal, you are a huge part to a happy, healthy pet.

Questions? Contact us here.

We are so excited you’re joining our Hartsville Animal Shelter Foster Family!

What kind of animals need foster homes?

  • Puppies or kittens too young for adoption
  • An under-socialized dog that needs more socialization and more one-on-one time
  • An injured dog
  • A dog with a cough or illness
  • A dog recovering from a treatable condition
  • An abandoned mother with a litter of puppies
  • Any animal when the shelter is overcrowded

Time commitment and responsibility

We will be there throughout their stay. To answer your questions and offer help. We provide veterinary care, food, and other equipment you will need. Your commitment and responsibility depend on the situation and animal. We are here to take your phone calls or see you in person for support. Here is a list of some of the typical time commitments for different animals:​​​​

  • Dogs with cold: 2 weeks
  • Injured Dogs: 1 week – 2 months
  • Pregnant moms and newborn puppies: 8-16 weeks
  • Orphaned Puppies: 2-8 weeks