fruit tea chicks adoption candle contest (2240 × 800 px) (2240 × 1000 px)

Would you like to showcase your beloved pet on a limited-edition Fancy Candle? Join forces with Helping Animals Rescue Team and Fruit Tea Chicks and let your furry friend shine like the star they are!

Submit your pet’s photo or vote for your favorite one!

Here’s how it works. Between August 25 and September 14, 2023, you can submit a photo of your pet (dog or cat) as a nominee to be featured on the label of the Fancy Candle. It’s a special limited-edition Puppy Breath, unlike any other, with a scent that's both inviting and unique, from Fruit Tea Chicks. Entering your pet is just a $20 donation to Helping Animals Rescue Team or HART, a nonprofit organization supporting Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter.

Vote for your favorite. Then, starting September 15, you, your friends, and everyone who loves your pet’s photo will be allowed to vote for their favorite submission until October 13, 2023. Each vote is a $1 donation to HART.

After all the votes have been counted, the dog and cat with the most votes will be declared the winners.

Fans of Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter and those who enjoy the sweet scent of candles and playful puppy breath can now purchase the Puppy Breath Fancy Candle by Fruit Tea Chicks at various local businesses and event sales. You can also find the candles at the Trick 4 Treat/Adventure Canine Challenge dog event on October 7th and 8th.

By participating in our fun contest, you're not just having a great time - you're also making a difference. All proceeds from the contest will go directly towards our life-saving efforts and mission at Hartsville Trousdale County Animal Shelter. From our Pet Food Pantry, which helps struggling pet owners provide for their furry friends, to our Lovie Fund, an Emergency Medical Fund that literally saves lives, your support will have a massive impact on our community. Thanks to generous donations and fun contests like this, we've found new homes for over 1,000 pets, provided food for over 600 pets across 12 counties, and maintained a 99% saving rate. Join us in making a difference today!

Questions? Contact Rebecca Troutt at or 615-680-4022.



We're thrilled to announce our inaugural outdoor dog event in Bethpage, TN!. Here is our registration form for Vendors.

Join us for a Canine Obstacle 5K race, Frisbee Competition, Dog Halloween Costume Contest, Doggy Talent Show, adoptable dogs, food trucks, and more!

For more information, on the race, visit the website             Enter the Dog Show, register here.

There will also be a race just for the kids on Sunday at 12 p.m.! This will be a shortened obstacle race for kids and their canine companions!
Entry Price: $5 donation fee for attending the vendor event
***Pricing for other events listed on the website
Bring your families and come support small businesses and rescue animals!