Doggie Dates & Sleepovers

Doggie Dates & Sleepovers

Have you ever thought how fun it would be to take a shelter dog out for a few hours to go for a walk at the park, grab a pup cup at sonic, or just outside in the sun together?

​We have created that opportunity for our dogs, with Doggie Dates and Sleepovers - a program that allows the public to remove these dogs from the shelter, away from all the stress and over load a shelter can have on our residents.

The dog will be wearing an "Adopt Me' bandana which will hopefully draw attention from a potential adopter.

Want to take a little step further and have a sleepover with a shelter dog? Our Sleepover program allows you to host a shelter dog in your home overnight. The dogs welcome a break with open paws and would love to snuggle and watch TV with you. These opportunities not only provide some relaxation for both you and the dog but it is also a great way to learn more about the dog's personality. No pressure, but who knows, maybe you'll decide you can't live without your Sleepover guest and adopt!

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